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Virus Alert!

Bob D.

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You need to provide more information:

* Antivirus software name and version


Most likely a false positive, however you can upload the setup file to a few multi-scanner websites such as:

* Virus Total: http://www.virustotal.com

* MetaScan Online: http://www.metascan-online.com/

* Jotti: http://virusscan.jotti.org/

* virSCAN.org: http://www.virscan.org/

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If you downloaded the Standard build with includes 3rd party Google software (Google Chrome, Google Toolbar) your antivirus could be detecting that in the setup file, or possibly the setup compiler it was made with which I think is NSIS ("Nullsoft Install System") and some antivirus' do falsely detect setups made with NSIS.


Note that there's also a Portable build, and at a later date Piriform releases a Slim build on this page, those builds do not include any 3rd party software so shouldn't really trigger any false virus detections.


Here's the Jotti report (with 1 false positive detection):



Here's the Metascan Online report (with 1 false positive detection):



Here's the VirSCAN.org report (with 2 false positive detections):


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ClamAV tags almost all programs I submit. :lol:


ClamAV has been flagging tons of stuff with that "PUA.Packed.PECompact-1" for the whole month of July so far, I completely ignore it now, although ClamWin Free Antivirus isn't producing those false positives when scanning the same files.


I often wonder if those sites with multiple av's use paranoid settings which would not only increase detection but also increase false positives.

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