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USB problems


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I built a computer it has an ASUS motherboard, Pentium 4, 768 RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2 and 10 USB ports. They all worked fine for a year. I got an Iriver H10 MP3 Player for Christmas. Put a lot of music on it, diconected it, and went to print and couldn't so I checked all my USB ports and they are all dead. I went to the Device Manager and they are all "Working Prperly" however anything I plug in it dosen't recognize it. Help Please!



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Well, if he already restarted Windows, this probably isn't relevant, but did you look down at the icons by your time? There should be an icon with a green arrow over top of a gray rectangle (see picture). Click it, and choose to safely remove the device. It is possible that you removed your MP3 player, but Windows didn't register its removal, so it thinks the USB port is still occupied.


But restarting Windows should fix this right up, so...


If all of your USB ports are dead, check inside your case. The case USB ports should be connected to your mobo by a cable that has 2 sets of 4 pins (or it may have only 7 pins, so one set of 4 and one set of 3). Or, if your USB ports are connected via PCI, make sure that the card is plugged firmly into the motherboard. It is certainly possible that something got jiggled loose, especially if you are "repairing" it using kobrakommander56's methods. :D

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