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I'm just supplying this info here as a sort of archive since I've seen on various forums where nobody knows what C4USelfUpdater is, and some uninstall tools list as uninstallable. And be very leary of any so-called "specialized" C4USelfUpdater removal tools!


In an uninstall tool it looks down right generic, and you wouldn't know what it was for unless you went into the Uninstall section in the registry.


What it is:

It's a part of Kodak software. Kodak's Printer/Scanner software uses it, and it's one of those uninstalls that isn't normally seen by many uninstall tools such as Windows Add/Remove, Revo Uninstaller, CCleaner, Nirsoft MyUninstaller, etc., because it's a component of the Kodak Printer/Scanner software.



Name: C4USelfUpdater

Uninstall Command Line: MsiExec.exe /I{48B41C3A-9A92-4B81-B653-C97FEB85C910}


How you'll know it's from Kodak is by going into the Uninstall section of the registry located here:



In the registry at the Uninstall section search for:



It should have a reference to a Temp folder such as this:

...\Your User Profile Folder\Local Settings\Temp\KodakKbiDownload\C4USelfUpdater\



I can see how this has some people wondering if they have malware or not, and it would be nice if software developers making the installations would just fill in the information because in this day and age it looks very suspicious to have stuff like that on a computer.


Click screenshot images to enlarge them.


Screenshot (What an uninstaller will see, if it supports hidden components):



Screenshot (Support Info):


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January 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection and obtained a $950 million, 18-month credit facility to enable it to continue trading. In February 2012, Kodak announced that it would cease making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames and focus on the corporate digital imaging market

Kodak / Wikipedia


Remembered something like that (Kodak doesn't make cameras anymore).

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