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Hello. I have 64-bit Win7 with CCleaner v 3.20.1750 (64-bit) installed. I see in the Cleaner Advanced section a checkbox labeled "Environment Path". Can someone explain exactly what will be cleaned or removed if I were to check that option? Surely it does not alter my path in any way; so what does it change? Thanks.

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Us regular users don't have a clue what it does because Piriform has never officially stated what it does, and there's nothing on their documentation website about it. There's another topic about it here, but that topic doesn't state what it does.


Since us regular users don't know what it's for I'd recommend leaving it disabled!

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I can confirm that it prunes orphaned entries from the PATH environment variable.

Thank you for checking this!


I have just done a CCleaner run with Environment Path checked, and it reduced my PATH list from 33 entries (including an empty one - two semicolons) to 28.


What it does not remove are duplicates; I found three entries of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live". Maybe that could be an additional small improvment to CCleaner?

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