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Avast! update includes Google stuff.


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Automatic program update now includes google toolbar, chrome browser. Don't remember seeing that before.


More here: http://www.ghacks.ne...-pay-attention/


Edit: You can turn it off. I just now got the update offer through the program, unchecked the boxes, all is well.


nuther edit: Well, Its an old article, but happened here first time today...I think... :huh:

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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The problem with their installer is the Custom Install option is very small regular size text, hiding directly underneath the big size Install button. Plain and simple it's a deception tactic so they can get paid by Google per install.



The only antivirus software that is actually 100% free with no piggyback 3rd party ad supported software is Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft's only "offense" is opening their website in your web browser after that "First Time" scan takes place.


I've adopted the practice since over a decade ago when installing anything to have absolutely zero trust what an installer will do (even if the previous version didn't try to sneak something in), and pay super close attention to installation windows and never click through them too fast, i.e.; pause on each window for a few seconds because of "delays" intentional or not that pertain to installiing 3rd party ad supported software.


One of the biggest problems is too many people are click happy and don't read the screens and the software developers know this, let alone do many people look around install screens long enough to notice stuff that isn't so obvious like Avast's very small sized Custom Install option. Most of us won't bother reading long winded license agreements which are again made deceptive when they use all CAPITAL LETTERS in them to make them difficult to read versus what they'd like you to think they're doing "getting your attention" but I think otherwise. Software like EULAlyzer (freeware) can be very handy to nitpick areas in those license/EULA agreements that may not be so obvious if just skimming through them.

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Agreed to what Andavari said. People usually don't pay attention to installation options. I always choose "custom" if available. That's why some regular users have so many third-party "crapware" installed even without knowing.

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