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Installing an SSD drive


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Fair enough. It's basically just a little brick though. :)


@nodles: I considered just leaving it lying in there, since there are no moving parts so it need not be secure. but as I was moving out of my dorm later in the month, I decided to secure it in so it didn't destroy the other components in my case on the way home.

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Be sure to Disable CCleaner Wipe Free Space (default), and use Normal file delete, as it ruined my C300 SSD (twice!)!



Other Thoughts for you guys thinking about SSD's...!?-

I've given up hassling/babying SSD drives for Normal computing with lots of I/O ...

I have big folders on my desktop, and my SSD became slower & slower (had to disable indexing (with all the rewrites), and System Restore too!)...

CCleaner seemed to corrupt my old i7-2600 (with on-board video), and it didn't like System Restores...

If you download movies (i.e. Netflix...), be sure you save them to a normal slave HD!

SSD's reminded me of a Mackintosh computer, where you just leave it do it's thing...

?- Maybe the Newer SSD's work better, than my older Crucial C300?



I've since upgraded to a Western Digital Raptor sata6 (32mb cache)/ 10k rpm, i5-2500 CPU, MSI 1gig video card, and Love it!

I also like messing with Defraggler/CCleaner..., get fast 30sec reboots, blazing internet..., and enjoy seeing the fruits of my labors!

Win 7 (x86), ESET Smart Security v8, Zemana Anti-Logger free and no other active anti-malware.
Free on-demand- Old/fast MBAM v1.75 (No Pro/Context!), MBAM Anti-Rootkit BETA, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, herdProtect.
i5-2500 CPU @ 3.67GHz, WD VelociRaptor sata6 10k rpm/64mb Cache HD (WOW!).

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Be sure to Disable CCleaner Wipe Free Space (default), and use Normal file delete, as it ruined my C300 SSD (twice!)!


What? You're saying Wipe Free Space is enabled by default? I thought it had to be user enabled. Been a very long time since I actually installed CCleaner though since I use the portable build.

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