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FREE license of Hard Disk Sentinel - normally $23

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I find this very good for monitoring all drives.


It is available for another 10 hours 9 minutes

It is now 21:51 GMT 4th June.



which leads to


Thanks for your lead Alan, I`m not familiar with this program but IMHO think that if one is not suspecting any basic random disk failure, it means having one program more in the background using resources. In case of disk failure suspicion, I`d rather have the disk checked prior to Windows booting with programs specifically tailored to make such a preboot check.

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Windows task manager shows that after 1 hour this tool has only used 10 seconds of CPU time.


My current interest is in observing and reducing how much is written to my system SSD so that I may prolong its life before it becomes Read Only.


Thus far I have improved life expectancy by using reparse points to relocate my Palemoon Browser user profiles from C:\ to D:\ on what had been my primary HDD,

and this tool shows that D:\ is now getting about 1 GB of writes per day - previously less than 50 MB per day.


N.B. In the past I was only aware that Macrium Reflect found about 60 MB of Browser Profile files had been modified during the course of one day,

I just had not realised how often they were being frantically re-written.

I would of course have realised the re-writes if I was still using the storage system of my first computer,

which was Punched Paper Tape running at 10 characters per second.




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