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Blue to green to orange (maybe red) arrow cursor!

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At the grand old age of 64 I built a PC (Went pretty flawless actually, although I was scared to death!) with Windows 7. My old XP machine has these really neat arrow cursors I downloaded years ago but I can't find a matching program on that PC. When I search for it on the www there are dozens and dozens and dozens but I can't find the ones I have. They are in the mouse options on the XP PC, is there a way I can find that file and import it to the new PC or does anyone suspect they know which app I'm looking for? Thank you!


Found their name: alphablend, may still be around!

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Good for you, Slowday building your own. Always wished I could, never had the courage to try.


I think I may have found the cursors here: http://blog.tiensivu...ckage-v1.0.html

The exe is named XsX-cursor-install-package-v1.0a dot exe


There is another installer here, different exe file: http://tinyhacker.co...lended-cursors/

The exe is named xsx-alphablendedcursors-setup-v1.1 dot exe, author says it is for win 7.


I tried both, and both worked, they look just like his pictures, and they change colors, to red also. And everything still works. :)


Under solutions, he explains about installing procedures, but I didn't have to do that on win xp here, I just clicked the .exe and they installed.


I just uninstalled the first one by finding it in > control panel >mouse >pointers and clicking "delete". Who knew?? Well, OK, probably everybody did, but I have learned something today.




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SlowDay, you can also import XP image viewer directly into Windows 7 for viewing animated GIF files, & being able to smoothly enlarge your pictures without the pixelation that 7 photo viewer has.


There are other things you can do with 7 as well.


Glad to see your upgrade is going great, 7 if you need/want any help with anything, ask anyone up here. I am sure they would all be glad to try to do whatever they can for you. They are great people, & I think they are some of the best.

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