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CC 3.19.1721 /EXPORT doesn't work


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with the new version 3.19.1721 (Portable) the command line parameter /EXPORT doesn't work anymore. After the UAC nothing happens (Windows 7 x64).

Any idea?


Thanks and kind regards,


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Yes - I have an idea. Do you want to know more ? :)


The very first item on the announcement of this new release was

Added option to skip User Account Control (UAC) warning.


I immediately wondered about the impact on my Trim_*.bat which was modified to detect and accommodate UAC aggravation.


I think that if Trim_*.bat detects that UAC is active it might be appropriate to simply ignore the suggestion to run with elevated privileges.

It is always possible that version 3.19 does NOT run with elevated privilege BUT TOGGLES the privilege,

in which case if it is launched with standard privilege then it executes as privileged,

but when launched with elevated privilege it might execute at diminished privilege.


I regret that this is not a good time for me to do any more than give suggestions.

I am currently occupied with configuring my system to minimize extravagant waste of the life of my new SSD.




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Thanks for your reply. It seems that the new version of CC ignores the UAC now. It doesn't make a difference if you select yes or no - CC starts with standard privileges only.


But if you start the command prompt with the windows option "run as administrator" and then execute the parameter /EXPORT everything works fine again. So we have to use "run as administrator" always now?

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Welcome to the world of BETA TESTERS :D


Piriform have done a good job getting the main functionality of CCleaner to avoid the fatal embrace of UAC.

I am hopeful that the /EXPORT feature was overlooked and will be easily corrected.

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I reported the same issue in the staff forum, thank you for also doing so here in the public one :)

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  • Bug Fixers

I have just recreated this problem using my testing environment.


This issue was described in details and passed to dev team. It should be fixed in next version.


Thank you all for your help J

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