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Invalid chain


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Good day!

I have a problem. Two days ago I reinstalled operation system (Windows XP SP3 if it matters). All system patches was installed too. So, when I trying to verify digital signature of CCleaner.exe with Sysinternals SigCheck tool then I got "Invalid chain" message. Same result I've got in explorer on digital tab. Is it truth that Piriform's tools hasn't correct digital signatures? I personally doubt because on XP SP2 and Win7 SP1 under VMWare this feature is lost. How to fix this problem if it possible?

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I understand the problem is not solved due to the fact that no one get same bug. I was planning to buy a license to deploy CCleaner in my office, but if CCleaner hasn't the correct certificate then no point to buying it.

I was sent here with Piriform's support service, but here again there was no reply. The impression that Piriform absolutely indifferent to my problem as other forum's guys. May indeed certificated that have Piriform's tools are not valid. It seems like truth.

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You seem terribly impatient for an answer to a problem that is undefined.

I see no problem.

This is what sigcheck told me.

E:\Tools\SysInternals>sigcheck E:\Unzip\CCleaner\ccleaner64.exe


Sigcheck v1.71 - File version and signature viewer

Copyright © 2004-2010 Mark Russinovich

Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com



Verified: Signed

Signing date: 18:58 24/04/2012

Publisher: Piriform Ltd

Description: CCleaner

Product: CCleaner

Version: 3, 18, 0, 1707

File version: 3, 18, 0, 1707




I even tried the -r option in case it had been revoked - again no issue for me


The Piriform certificate is signed by Verisign

Perhaps your recent reinstall of XP has suffered from Microsoft revoking the certificate of Verisign itself :o


I strongly recommend that you visit Sysinternals and find out which options you should use and the relevance of "invalid chain"


I am using Windows Ultimate + SP1

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Not sure. Take a look at this:

E:\BIN>sigcheck -q -a -i ccleaner.exe


Verified: Invalid Chain

Signing date: 15:15 23.05.2012

Publisher: Piriform Ltd

Description: CCleaner

Product: CCleaner

Version: 3, 19, 0, 1721

File version: 3, 19, 0, 1721

Strong Name: Unsigned

Original Name: ccleaner.exe

Internal Name: ccleaner

Copyright: Copyright й 2005-2012 Piriform Ltd

Comments: CCleaner

And (for example):

E:\BIN>sigcheck -q -a -i F:\Installer\VirtualBox-4.1.16-78094-Win.exe


Verified: Signed

Catalog: F:\Installer\VirtualBox-4.1.16-78094-Win.exe


Oracle Corporation

VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA

VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5

Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority

Signing date: 16:15 22.05.2012

Publisher: Oracle Corporation

Description: VirtualBox

Product: Oracle VM VirtualBox

Version: 4.1.16.r78094

File version:

Strong Name: Unsigned

Original Name: VirtualBox.exe

Internal Name: VirtualBox

Copyright: Copyright © 2009-2012 Oracle Corporation

Comments: n/a

Ahh? VirtualBox certificate is signed Verisign too, effect is different. Why? It's not a bug of SigCheck. I wrote a small application on C but took the same result.

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did you download ccleaner from piriform or file hippo? or from somewhere else?


As @Alan_B suggested have you made sure root certificates has been updated in windows? it's an optional update.




Do your Registry Cleaning in small bits (at the very least Check-mark by Check-mark)


CCLEANER, RECUVA, DEFRAGGLER AND SPECCY DOCUMENTATION CAN BE FOUND AT  https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us and  https://www.ccleaner.com/docs

Pro users file a PRIORITY SUPPORT request at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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Have you gone to Windows Updates and looked at the optional updates available for your machine?


As has been pointed out your machines root certificates may be out of date.


Or better still read here for some background info, the April Root Updates for XP users are available on this page.




Root updates for Vista and Windows 7 are done differently than XP as readers will see from this page.


Support contact




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