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Less than 10% warning bug

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1. Remaining space less than 10%

2. Warning about cleaning 20 GB from the bin

3. Remaining space after cleaning 14%

4. The warning of 10% appears


I think is obvious the bug, isn't it?


UPDATE: watching closer I think all have to do with the file list creation.

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file list creation?

are you running with wipe free space checked off? this will sometimes create space eating

what gives you a warning about "cleaning 40gb from bin"

what occurs if you empty the bin normally then cclean?


OS and Ccleaner version number

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If you Right click on bin icon/Properties/click C: drive, you will see the size limitation-

Mine "was" Default at 7047mb, for a 100gig C: HD ( I ticked Remove Immediately, with a final warning...)-

You are probably Way over with 40gig, unless you have a Huge C: drive!?


BTW- No files are 100% deleted until After a reboot, and it "seems" to finish up... After next days cold startup (My WD Raptor HD(4gig Ram), hyper-clicks...).

I never Defraggler on a cold startup (or anything else- net will be Slow...), and only defrag After a no-activity 15min wait reboot (7-passes, just like Win Defrag is Super Performance for me) I wait for 7-min for normal computing, after 1st reboot)).


-If you are skeptical?- Analyze on cold startup, then again after a 15min reboot (you Will have hundreds fewer fragments, and usually no left-overs at end-of-drive).

If I do have leftovers, or any red boxes- I click on All of them/ defrag/Analyze, and more full passes (until defrag takes 2sec...).

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