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How can I auto run ccleaner on mac OS X?


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Hi James!


You need to first setup the option on which settings you want to clean i.e. cookies, temporary internet files.

Next step to do is to go to Options > Advanced > Make sure ‘Save all settings to INI file’ is ticked.

You need now to go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Create Basic Task > Type name of the task i.e. CC cleaner auto > Choose weekly or daily > Choose time of day you like for it to run > Start Program > Go to C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe and run it > Add /auto switch on the Add Arguments box > Finish > Choose Run with highest privelegdes. Try to read here for a more detailed approach http://www.techyv.com/questions/how-run-ccleaner-automatically

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Ummm...Christopher, isn't this for Windows? I think James is looking for something to start up CCleaner on Snow Leopard on a MAc (so, not in Windows) and let it run automatically, no?


If so, here it goes:

1) press command-space (to activate spotlight)

2) in spotlight, type "applescript editor" - select it, it will start to run

3) copy paste the text below into the applescript editor


tell application "CCleaner"


tell application "System Events"

click button "Run Cleaner" of window "Ccleaner" of process "CCleaner"

end tell

end tell


4) save the file as an application (anywhere you want).

5) Anytime you run this application (by double clicking on it - or by putting it in your dock so you just only have to click it once), it will startup CCleaner and run the cleaning task. (Be sure to run CCleaner once and manually beforehand to setup your cleaning needs per application...)


That's all there is to it!

Note: if you don't want to run the cleaner after startup but only want it to analyze, then in the script-text above (under point 3): replace "Run Cleaner" with "Analyze".


Oh, and if you want CCleaner to quit automatically after cleaning, just add the following text below the script-text under point 3:



global idleTime, processName, averageCPUvalue, tempCPUsum, counterTics, maxCPUusage

set idleTime to 1

set processName to "CCleaner"

set counterTics to 0

set maxCPUusage to 15

on idle

set processProcessorUsage to word 2 of (do shell script "/bin/ps -xcro command,%cpu | grep " & quoted form of processName)

if processProcessorUsage < maxCPUusage then

set counterTics to counterTics + 1

if counterTics > 3 then

tell application "CCleaner"


end tell

quit me


return idleTime

end if


return idleTime

end if

end idle


If you added this text to quit CCleaner automatically, be sure to check the "stay open" box if you save the script as an app!!!

...Now, if you want to startup CCleaner, clean and quit CCleaner everytime (and automatically) when you boot your Mac, just put your app into the login items (go to preferences, accounts and choose login options to add login items)!



Joe D.

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