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DVD/CD Player MEGA Problem

Ultimate Predator

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For some unknown reason, my CD/DVD player on my PC won't play anything. Not a thing. None of my DVD/CD playing programs pick up anything, except if I put a disc in, under My Computer it just says CR Rom or DVD Rom, but I can't explore anything says there is nothing there. Nothing works. I've tried updating the driver, says there isn't anything better then what I've got, troubleshoot hasn't helped me, can't roll back (no older drivers), nothing. I was thinking of unplugging it and re-pluggin it, but I'm not sure? Any help?

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Are you perhaps missing the information in the registry, it would be located at:



and/or perhaps here:




I had a problem on my previous XP install (luckily on the floppy drive disappeared) due to something removing what was listed in CurrentControlSet, ControlSet001, and ControlSet003,

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Search for cd, cdrom, dvd when you have the CurrentControlSet selected, actually all system drives should be located in them.


Another possibility, albeit I've never tried it and don't gaurantee any results whatsoever:

1. Look for "cdrom.inf" in C:\Windows\Inf

2. Now rather right clicking and selecting install would fix your problem I have no ideal.


If you do fix it I'd recommend exporting all areas listed below for backup purposes (zip them they'll be rather large .reg files), it's just in case devices are removed from the registry that shouldn't be:

* HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\System\CurrentControlSet





* ... and anything else listed in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM" that has ControlSet in the name, such as ControlSet002, ControlSet004, etc.

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I don't really know for sure how to fix it. One of the reasons along with some other annoying problems is why I formatted and reinstalled everything a couple of months ago when my floppy drive completely disappeared and nothing I did could make it appear again on that old install of XP. The problem you're having may need a computer technician such as DjLizard.

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1. Download and save the file customblocking.txt (it's attached to this post) into the SpywareBlaster installed folder.

2. Launch SpywareBlaster.

3. Click Tools > Custom Blocking.

4. Select Sony DRM Rootkit.

5. Click Protect Against Checked Items.

Now SpywareBlaster "will/should" automatically block it.


The credits for this info go to whomever posted them in the now deleted thread about the Sony BMG Rootkit, I don't remember who posted it.


Download SpywareBlaster customblocking.txt:


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It isn't real-time protection at all. Make sure you update it first!

You just apply the protection and then exit it, it doesn't stay running. On the first screen that loads click "Enable All Protection", what it does can be viewed at the link listed above which happens to be its homepage.


When you first run it you should do the following:

* Update it.

* Click System Snapshot, and then select Create new System Snapshot.

* Click Tools > Hosts Safe, and then click Create New Backup.

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SpywareBlaster won't fix your CD/DVD drives, it "may" however block the Sony DRM Rootkit using the info posted here.


Edit: I meant: Once the Sony DRM Rootkit is removed, it "may" block future installations of it -- that is if Sony doesn't change its DRM Rootkit.

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Now, what would happen though if I unplugged the drive and replugged it back?






I don't know, I suppose you'd also have to start Windows without the drive plugged in, then shutdown Windows plug the drive back in, and then start Windows with it plugged in. Although I doubt that would really fix it since I'm assuming the drive info/configuration is probably either missing in the registry, or if WinXP uses anything like Win98 the info is missing from a hardware configuration file stored on the hard disk.


Use at your own risk:

I remembered that JV16 PowerTools (commercial software, not freeware) had a hardware reset feature built into it, I'm not sure if other programs have this ability. BUT it details Windows having to reinstall ALL hardware. I remember trying it on my Win98 system just before I was about to format and I noticed the big mess it made, luckily I was minutes away from doing a format anyways so it really didn't matter.



Check the BIOS settings and make sure the drive is enabled in the BIOS.

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