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Inaccurate Motherboard Temps


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Speccy has been reporting high temperatures on my ASUS P8P67-M PRO motherboard, which I thought suspicious due to the low temperature of other components. I'm looking to overclock this board, which is why I'm monitoring temperatures to start with. If this is an accurate idle temperature reading, that won't be a good idea.




Open Hardware Monitor reports a flat 30 degrees celsius, while Speccy shows a fluctuating temperature maxing out at about 83 degrees celsius. My processor uses Intel's TurboBoost technology, and it seems as if Speccy's temperature reading jumps by 15-20 degrees celsius dependant on the current processor speed (i.e. a change in speed = an instant jump in temperature) which seems like far too great an increase to occur instantaniously after an increase in processor speed.


The only load on my system at the point this screenshot was taken, is minor CPU load from a background antivirus scan.

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