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"Wipe free space" questions

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I know that when you delete a file, it is still stored on your hard drive somewhere. There are two options for drive wiper...


1.) Wipe-Free Space

2.) Entire Drive


If I use wipe-free space, does it get rid of these hidden files inside of my hard-drive that I deleted? Or do I need to wipe my entire drive?



Another question, how many passes should I use to be sure these files are never recoverable?




EDIT: Here is a scenario


2011, XYZ file is downloaded. XYZ information is stored in a text files. yadda yadda....


2011, XYZ files and text files are deleted and cleaned from recycle bin.


2012, reformats hard-drive and runs cc cleaner "wipe free space" with one pass.


Are the XYZ files still recoverable by high tech hard drive recovery software?

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