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german translation...


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it missing a lot of German translation ... where do you start


Works your "german-chef-translator" on it? :-))




the menupoint "apply additional conditions:" in "shedule" in german:


ändere zusätzliche Bedingungen


ändere weitere Bedingungen



is complete in english inclusive "Timeout"; "Idle" and "'Power"


also the menupoint "Options-Advanced" the second line "Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter" in german:


Ersetze die Windows-Defragmentierung





and the point "Use custom fragmentation settings..." is also complete in english


and last point in these menu "stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume"




also in menu "general" under the Language settings


"Temperature: metric"


in german


Temperatur: metrisch

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Yeah, i wanted to report this too. This is since the latest release in January(!) not implented, and would take me five minutes.


So please, dear team, translate it now! The former post is very correct, i am posting here the rest of the missing entries:


Use custom fragmentation settings... --> Benutze eigene Fragmentierungs-Einstellungen

stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume --> Stoppe VSS während einer NTFS-Volumen-Defragmentierung


SSD Detected --> SSD erkannt

Disk Health --> Laufwerksgesundheit


Good --> Gut

Bad --> Schlecht

(dont know which other states are missing there)


Temperature --> Temperatur

Device Description --> Laufwerksbeschreibung


Serial Number=Seriennummer


Transfer Mode=Übertragungsmodus

Drive Letters=Laufwerksbuchstaben

Buffer Size= Puffergröße

Rotation Speed=Umdrehungsgeschwindigkeit

Power Cycle Count=Anzahl der Einschaltungen

Power On Hours=Betriebszeit in Stunden


Attribute Name=Eigenschaftsname

Real Value=Echter Wert


Worst=Schlechtester Wert



Raw Value=Rohwert



Under the Disk cake the drive size is reported in "bytes", which should be "Bytes" i guess?

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