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I have had a few ideas - some I have seen used on other similar products


(1) Some type of review system for start up entries/programs - the idea is people can rate a program somehow e.g. a star system etc. Users could review the programs. This way if someone see's an entry in either the program installer area or the start up and they are not sure they can see if anyone has rated it and view reviews if any. This could help when people have stuff such as spyware but don't realise they have it and are scared to just remove it.


(2) A file duplicate finder - I have seen some utilities that also offer a way of finding any duplicates you might have on your pc and allowing you to delete them if need be - this might be handy to have in the tools area however as it is something I haven't used really I can't comment on their reliably.



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Duplicate file finder probably wont be implemented, as these are often intentionally created, much like empty folders.

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