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Thanks. I have been running through the trial version. Putting it to the test, so to speak. I continually get "error 39" when trying to load the client on a remote pc. I am using this in a government environment and this tool seems to be pretty useful for all of our roaming users. We are just about to pull the trigger on the purchace, however the lack of technical info available prior to purchace is definitely lacking. I ran through all of the troubleshooting steps. I can ping both the address and host name. Still getting that error. Any info would be appreciated.

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As you're trialing the Network Edition, I have to agree with hazel, and suggest your best option of getting the answer you need would be with the development team via their contact options at the bottom of this page ...




That's not to say the guys on here wouldn't help you if they could, as we try to offer free support to anyone and everyone with problems of any kind, but personally I've no experience of using that version of CCleaner, and probably the vast majority of the volunteers on here don't either.


Sorry I couldn't help, but if anyone on here can, I'm sure they'll contribute to the topic.


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