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Help on what to delete from CCleaner.

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Thank you for taking time to help me with this problem. First I would like for you to know I do love the CCleaner. My problem is that I do not know what is safe to delete from it. Oh by the way, I am using Windows Vista and my IE is 7. I have installed MalwareBytes Anti-malware, also have Microsoft Security Essentials, your CCleaner, and Superanti spyware.

The problem I am having is I am trying also to make space on my C drive. I still have enough but lately I have seen that it is filling up quicker. So, I would like to use the CCleaner and remove what is unneccessary on the computer. Please help me. I am attaching what CCleaner shows is on my computer. I am very illiterate on computers and anything you can tell me please make it simple. Sorry that I know little but need to know more.

Sometimes I get extentions such as:

OIS bmp,

OIS emf









MicrosoftShared\Web\folders\pkmres.dll 9, 10, 11,12,13,14,15,20

C:program files\common files\System\MSMAPL\1033scampst.hlp


C:program files\microsoft Silverlight\4.0.60831.0

(extentions added on to these are de, es, pr, it, ja, ro, ru,zh-hans, zh-hant, ar,bg,ca,cs, da,el, et, eu, fi, he,hr, hu,ID, IT, IV, ms,nl, no, pl, br, ro, sk, pt, sl, sr-Cryl-cs, sr-Latn-cs, sv, th, tr, uk, vi.


I found I had a number of the HKCU files that I have no idea what it is.

Also I had a few MUI files too.


I don't think these are showing in the attachments I have sent but I just wrote them down in order to show you what was on there. If you could help me please. I know once I can use the CCleaner and know what is safe to delete I will enjoy it very much. Thanks so much again for your taking time to look at my problem.



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Cleaning the registry does not clear up space on your hard drive, do not use the registry section willy nilly (follow the advice in my signature for that section)


For your first clean (and really imho everyclean after) run an analysis first. Don't add checks any boxes different from the default until you've got a good feel for ccleaner, unless you know for a fact your ok with what it does..


Be sure before beginning to go to the options section and the cookies tab and move any cookies for sites you want to stay signed into (e.g. facebook.com, google.com, forum.piriform.com) to the right hand (cookies to keep) pane.


To make sure all cookies you don't want are remove, be sure that Adobe flash has a check mark (it's in the applications tab of the cleaner section)




Do your Registry Cleaning in small bits (at the very least Check-mark by Check-mark)


CCLEANER, RECUVA, DEFRAGGLER AND SPECCY DOCUMENTATION CAN BE FOUND AT  https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us and  https://www.ccleaner.com/docs

Pro users file a PRIORITY SUPPORT request at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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Hi kieko, and welcome to the forum.


A very wise move to ask for advice before you remove stuff. Much better than coming here and asking "how do I fix this"? :)


Firstly, can we be clear as to how you're trying to free up space.


Your first screen shot shows CCleaners "Uninstall" tool, which will completely remove programs from your computer, as opposed to getting rid of a lot of useless temp files and similar with the "Cleaner" section.




Are you planning on removing programs or clearing up the "temp" rubbish?


Secondly, you could free up space by deleting some "System Restore" points. As long as your computer is running without any real problems, this is a good way to free up quite a lot of much needed space.


Vista: Reclaim and Release Disk Space from System Restore and Shadow Copies:


If you've been defragging your drive, Windows will have made "Shadow Copies" (System Restore) of all the files you defragged, thus increasing the size of system restore and taking up more valuable free space.


Have a look at the help file I've linked you to, and the link on how to free up space from system restore, and if you're a bit nervous about any of it, just post back, and we'll help where we can.


I would maybe look at thinning down "System Restore" as a first option.


And maybe leave the registry cleaner alone for now if you're a relatively new CCleaner user, as it doesn't free up any disk space.


Hope that helps.



EDIT: Ninja'd by Nergal. :)

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You need to urgently update your Internet Explorer from version 7 if that is indeed what you are using on Vista. Is it correct?


Also you have an outdated version of Java installed... I would uninstall it then get the latest version.


Your version of Adobe Reader is also outdated.. uninstall and get latest version.


Latest versions of both can be obtained from here



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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An additional option, just to think about. The price of storage devices is dropping. Have you thought about storing most files on an external drive? An added benefit is that if the computer fails, you still have your stuff.


Also, perhaps make yourself a backup image before you make many changes. Macrium Reflect offers a free version, you can read about it here: http://www.macrium.c...eflectfree.aspx . Works on vista.

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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Story of my life, late and short of cash. :P


I heard that same thing in a store the other day, 'bout 3 weeks ago, but it didn't agree with the price tags (at that time). Got a 2 terabyte external USB 3 for about 75 euro.


But your point is well taken, kieko would be wise to shop around.

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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If you look hard enough, there are good prices to be had thankfully.


I picked up a new Western Digital internal drive recently for £30 (160GB, and big enough for me). It's an IDE drive, and they are becoming very expensive in comparison to the widely used SATA drives.


It's normal price was £125, but it was an OEM drive (which came without leads or expensive packaging) and was contained in a sealed Anti-Static bag. Who needs the packaging?


It's brand new with full WD guarantee. Worth looking for stuff like this.

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contained in a sealed Anti-Static bag.

There is Anti-static and anti_Static :)


I am out of touch with recent anti-static technology,

but 20 years ago I found some bags had "normal" plastic with excellent insulation and conductive coatings,

and some were made of an electrically slightly conductive homogenous material - which I chose to specify.


Excellent Insulation with Conductive coatings reminded me too much of the principles of Leyden Jars,

and I did not fancy the chances of a semiconductor surviving after traveling in a Leyden Jar.



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