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"Install Date" incorrect in list of installed programs

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Just noticed this, but I can't say for sure that it just appeared. In any case, if I click the Tools button to get to the Uninstall section of CCleaner, the "Install Date" field for quite a few of the installed programs is wrong. Approximately ten programs are listed as being installed today, several more yesterday, several more the day before.


It is true that the date is correct for a couple; e.g., I updated System Explorer and Firefox today, but the vast majority are programs that were installed weeks, months, or years ago.


CCleaner version: v3.15.1643 (latest, as of this posting). OS: Windows XP SP3. Screenshot here and below.



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On Win 7 everything is as it should be.


However on XP lots of the date shown in ccleaner are saying the items were installed in the last few days (they weren't) You cannot see the install date on XP just the last used etc. Going into the program files shows the date of install.

CCleaner documentation can be found here


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This is still not fixed in my Win7x64 v4.02.4115x64.


Intel Rapid Storage Technology


Intel Control Center


They are listed as being installed yesterday even though I haven't updated them sine April 2012. Also, the date in Windows Uninstaller is correct as well as Revo Uninstaller. I checked the C:\Windows\Installer folder and the Program Files folder for the files and nothing has been changed. Date Created, Date Modified, Date Accessed, and Date Last Saved were all checked. Nothing on 6/9/2013 at all!


I can't figure out where ccleaner is picking up this date. Everything else seems OK actually (I have many programs though.)

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