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Speccy freezing my laptop

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Hey guys.


I have a problem with Speccy. Basically, it freezes my computer when I run it. I can still use my mouse, sometimes, but every program just locks up, and I can't change windows. After 5-10 minutes, my computer seems to recover somewhat, and I'm able to close Speccy. While Speccy is running, my HDD activity light is steadily on, indicating that for whatever reason, Speccy is accessing my hard drive quite heavily. Also, having viewed the process list in Task Manager when I close Speccy, I can see that Firefox and Steam both start using a lot more memory after it's closed; it seems Speccy is depriving them of memory while it's running. I reinstalled my laptop recently, and installed and ran Speccy straight away and it was fine. Having since installed my regular programs, it's freezing my computer again. Is it possibly conflicting with my security software? I'm running Avira anti-virus, Spybot and Comodo firewall. I also have PhysX drivers installed for my Nvidia card, is that a problem? My friend who recommended Speccy to me said that PhysX drivers cause problems with a lot of stuff.



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Hi Skater, and welcome to Piriform.


I think the best thing you could do is to try and run Speccy in debug mode ...




... and then attach the log to this thread for the devs.


Can you also add your Operating System, Service Pack?


Are you using the latest Speccy, and if so, have you tried a prior version to see if the problem is version related in any way?


All Speccy Versions:


Thanks. :)

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