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Microsoft C++ Exception


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the image you provided can't help us, I need the same image taken whilst running cleaner and getting that error, please :).


can you run a debug from the user account and post the log as well.

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Your simplest alternatives are to provide the information as requested by Nergal,

or revert to the previous version of CCleaner and hope the next version works better for you.


BUT, if you want my response to your questions then here goes :-


I gave up on Firefox in 2011 and will refrain from giving specific detailed answers that may now be incorrect.


You will need to get information from others.


I will however state that you can create different Firefox profiles,

and select which profile to use as you launch Firefox.


I fear you may be confused by the term "profile", which means a lot more than one thing.


This is my computer "User Profile" when I login in as Administrator


When I launch CMD.EXE and issue the command SET it is shown as



When I instead login as a USER then "User Profile" is shown as



The command SET also shows (depending upon how I logged in) either







Please note that LOCALAPPDATA is a horrible complication due to changing from Windows XP to Windows 7.


I use Palemoon instead of Firefox.


Under XP the Firefox profile (and also the Palemoon profile) has a single path.

Under Windows 7 they each have a plurality of paths,

so when we refer to deleting a profile we actually mean deleting a plurality of paths.

It gets worse :(




These are the two paths for Palemoon

C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Roaming\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\Profiles\4qbu47br.default

C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Local\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\Profiles\4qbu47br.default


I think that before I purged all trace of Firefox its paths were something like



I think there was a third path also




All the above excepting each path starts with "C:\Users\User" instead of "C:\Users\Alan\"



I switched from Firefox to Palemoon in 2011 because Mozilla became unstable.

One day I could view every website as intended by the website owner,

and the next day the text was in the wrong place and I could not understand the CCleaner forum topics.


Palemoon is based on the same open-source software as Firefox but without the Mozilla frenzy for something new.

I was able to install the same Addons into Palemoon that I was familiar with in Firefox,

and I because I was using LastPass and Xmarks,

when those Addons were added to Palemoon they imported from "the cloud" all my bookmarks and web-site passwords,

otherwise I could have used Firefox Synchronise to achieve the same.


If you want to try Palemoon the main page is


and a very helpful forum is


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