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309, like 288 Crashes on Load


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This time, with 309, I got consistent crashes in debug mode **with only Peripherals selected**. My peripherals are pretty vanilla, except for the Sansa Clip+ hanging off USB today, which doesn't affect the crash. See profile at




(Made with 113) The only thing at all out of the ordinary is an ABS brand Cherry-switch USB kb.


Back to 113, which continues to work - on Win7-32, unlike all the XP crashes here.


I have a .dmp, but it's too big to upload

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Nothing there except my reply to another user last month. Nothing at all official.


The diction was a bit odd, no? He addressed some unknown observer, referring to me in the third person. Is that the usual voice here?

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hold on to the dump (if created by speccy /debug) & post the log

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