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Speccy missing info and bugs.

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Other alternatives is the old Everest which is now AIDA64. See




- bus speed and rated bus speed is shown changing with graphing. However, the cpu core frequency and internal voltage changes with graphing aren't shown. Although the stock core/bus speed are shown. See cpuid since once can see the voltages and cpu freqs changing with loading.


Fan speed

- as the computer is being loaded the fan comes on/off and changes speed. The program "speedfan" can show on some systems the fan rpm speeds and as they change. Have Speccy show the fans speed changing along with a graphing. This would be useful to compare CPU temp against fan speed so one can know the relationship of when the fans turn on/off or change speed.




- show temperature of graphics chips with graphing.



- I'm connected with a wi-fi on a compaq presario v5306us with broadcomm minipci. However, speccy tells me under the heading "wi-fi info" states it isn't enabled although the wifi is turned on and down loading. If I turn the wifi button off to stop transmitting, it still says it is not enabled.

- need to show bytes received transmitted with graphing. Speccy currently does kbps, but one can't tell anything from this. The kbps isn't even in kbps received or transmitted as separate numbers and graphics.



Can't detect and show devices in express port. I.e. sd micro flash chips and their size in bytes.

Cant dectect devices such as usb adaptors inserted into express port. Unless this is under peripherals disk drive without the size value.

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