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Balloon information when clean complete

Dimitris Psirrakis

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I wanna suggest an option to add into the CCleaner , while i right click into the recycle bin and click the option "Run CCleaner.."

after the cleaning there was not any information balloon to inform be about how much space has been cleaned and anything useful information about the cleaning (e.g: if it was successfully cleaned or any errors) , so i suggest to add this "balloon" feature and add an option into the settings so the user can disable or enable this "balloon" information feature.


- Thanks!

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I like this idea a lot. Windows always let's you know what it's doing via popup balloons, so why not CCleaner?

When I right-click to run on my machine, it sometimes disappears so fast, I question if I ran it!


For faster machines, please add the pop-up so it notifies users that "2 GB trash was removed!" or similar...


Awesome idea, Dimi!

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