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English Wikipedia to be blacked out for 24 hours

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I've noticed that in EVERY case (that I am aware of) of so called "Piracy", they always call sharing piracy.


They don't call sharing stealing, because it's not. So they hope you will accept their switch-over & say, hey! Piracy = stealing, so stealing is wrong!


That's where they are right. Piracy & stealing are both definitely wrong. But since sharing isn't stealing, no crime has been committed except by those who created that law.

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I hate the MPAA/RIAA as organizations, especially their attempts to get the term 'copyright infringement' synonmyous with 'theft'


And not only that, they don't attempt to make anyone pay a reasonable amount.

They always try for some huge exorbitant amount that no-one could pay off in a life-time. Like $1,000,000.



Where's the anti price gouging laws? I mean, this is an extreme price gouging. Ain't no $0.99 MP3 EVER worth millions of $$$.

If they can do this, they need to apologize to the company that was busted for price gouging generators for double their worth during a storm.


This isn't just double. It's 1,000,0000 times the sale price. That's 1,000,000% gouging!


Normally, price gouge laws may be for those things that we "need" but I never knew our ancestors "needed" to own a generator.


And call it what you want, but 1,000,000% is price gouging any way you look at it.



* What happened to make the punishment fit the crime? These days, people are sacked over the head for more $$$ & prison time for trading a song, than murderers. And that's just wrong! Which is more dangerous, an MP3 or a murderer?


Something don't seem quite right here! Why don't they just duct tape our mouths closed from birth & call communication & education "theft", "Piracy", "Stealing", "Plagiarism", & "Criminal" & send anyone who speaks straight to jail for speaking. After all, it is quite impossible to talk to anyone about anything without repeating something.


And this is what people go to jail for. Repeating what someone else said... I'm waiting for the anti-education law...


We do learn by repetition, you know, & that seems to be a crime.


---> http://www.vanityfai.../monsanto200805 (Farmers are being sued by Monsanto for buying seed from them, growing it, then saving back seed to replant next year. According to Monsanto, this is very criminal & illegal, since farmers are supposed to pay them for EACH crop they have. Saving seeds from the plants you already paid for is illegal, since Monsanto owns the right to the patent, & apparently, the right to make you buy it again & again & again if you want crops. Perhaps this is what causes so many food shortages! How many farmers want to deal with lawsuits, & how many will continue to produce food for us if everything they do is sued?


I never knew that saving seed from your own crop is stealing!

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I was just discussing this in my contemporary history class the other day


> Megaupload "infringes" on ~$500,000,000 of content (despite being exempt pursuant to DMCA of 1999 - Safe Harbor - which states that hosts are not liable for their user's content - aside from the fact they were directly profiting, arresting them for that is fine, taking down the site is not)

> Gets destroyed because it benefits the people that give money to campaigning politicians

> Wallstreet cripples the world wide economy, only bearly kept out of the worst depression ever by bailouts

> nothing happens.


It all comes down to money.

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So, that leaves the big question?


When big brother does a crime, who investigates them?


After all, there isn't really any need to have laws if they don't obey the same laws they hold us to.


P.S. Ever notice how many times the little guy tries to "settle" because they can't afford to buy the best lawyers? Is this about justice, or do people with money always get away if they buy the right lawyers?

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I just wondered where you thought the thread is diverting from the topic.

Sure, we discussed SOPA & Antipiracy, but the subject is:


English Wikipedia to be blacked out for 24 hours


Since the Wiki blackout was/is inextricably linked to discussion of SOPA/Anti-Piracy/etc, then discussions concerning such matters are equally

relevant as mentioning the website name itself.


Don't forget, Wiki was one of the companies in the blackout, but thousands of websites participated. Whether Wiki is mentioned, or the SOPA/Piracy bills/Laws they are trying to bring to our attention & forefront, they are all related to the same. Erosion of liberties.

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Looks like Ireland is to get its own SOPA version, it's just they haven't told folk about it yet. There will be no debates just a sig on a piece of paper.




Petition has been hurriedly setup now that folk have found out



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Winapp, while you are right, I suspect this is pointing to a much different kind of problem.


Lately, there have been all kinds of corruptions exposed in higher gov, so I imagine these reactions against the internet will only get worse as they try to stifle the freedom of thought & speech in attempt to hide their corrupted deeds.


It won't really work, as it's gonna backfire on their attempt to control what people say/do/share.


It's gonna be interesting seeing all this play out!

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