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CCleaner 3.14.1616 not finding dead registry entries


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I just ran a registry cleanout with CCleaner and found only two entries so I deleted them and then verified again there were no new entries. I then ran the old faithful ToniArts Regcleaner and found 28 dead entries. These were mainly for a trial of Pegasus Mail and some recent Windows updates. I had previously uninstalled Pegasus Mail because it wouldn't work on my system.


I would have thought that CCleaner would have picked up these entries.


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What Winapp2.ini said.

Also, I wouldn't use EasyCleaner on Win7 (or even Vista) anymore, it's old and outdated and doesn't officially support neither of those. CCleaner is safer with newer OS's.

On XP EasyCleaner is OK, but it's still it's outdated (most recent version is from 2006).

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