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Moving files to start of drive

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I was checking to see if there is a way to get DF to move all files to the beginning of the drive. When I finish defragging a drive, it still shows files at the middle & end of the drive that are moveable files. I remember many years ago the defrag apps use to defrag the file & move most all of the moveable files close to the beginning of the drive. They would also even put the files you use the most near the beginning also.


Is there a way to setup DF to do at least some of this???


I really like this app. I use it all of the time.



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I like your idea. Fragmented system files cause the most slowdown. I wish they had an option to locate system files 1st, user files 2cd, free space 3rd,


Like this: -> SF\SF\SF\UF\UF\UF\FS\FS\FS that it would run much faster.


* Where SF = System Files, UF = User Files, & FS = Free Space.


+ 1 from me because I like your idea. Although, I'd love it changed a bit to put system files at the fastest, since they are most important in loading & running Windows...

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