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How to get Chromium?

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Otherwise I think you have to do all this http://dev.chromium....uctions-windows




Awww V Basic and C++ lol it look impossible for me.But hey the link from major geek is a plus.


Chromium 18 dated Jan 9 2012 and it's portable too, just dl and unzip. No need to install. The Chromium logo is just the same as Google Chrome except it blue. Not sure how good I can describe chromium other than it's just another good net browser with the latest features. lol Anyone wanna test chromium and maybe tell us more about it?


Hmmmm after reading the chromium developer build instructions thing<<< Well I didn't fully read everything lol.

I was thinking that maybe you guys here at Piriform should come out with your own chromium base web browser. Who knows, it might be awesome :) name suggestion Green Clean Browsing :)

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If you want a portable version of Google Chrome you can go to portableapps.com and download the relevant version. Also, Chromium does lack the integrated Flash player and sandboxed PDF viewer in Chrome. But it's not really an everyday browser; it's akin to downloading Firefox nightlies. Since a lot of the changes introduced haven't been tested a lot of bugs won't have been ironed out meaning that you can expect more crashes and instability.

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