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Speccy 1.14 Radeon HD 6650M not showing temperature


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Just shows "AMD Radeon HD 6650M (Acer Incorporated [ALI])"


Edit: Sounds like it only shows up after my laptop swtichs graphic from Intel HD 3000 to Radeon HD 6650M,

thats when temperature apears right away, after opening a more demanding aplication.


So i gess its not a bug at all, altough Intel HD graphic shows on monitor but i think its also right

since its what takes care of my monitor colors/image correction by default.

(dam swtichable graphics solution they had to make lol...)

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I would apreciate very much on anyone opinion over this switchable graphics solution of AMD...

So as i see, by seeing Radeon Temperature on speccy when opening a demanding aplication,

it means it have switchen graphic to Radeon?

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