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Any online place to backup a collection of FLAC music?


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I'm planning on switching back to Fedora from Ubuntu, since I'm having several annoying issues with Ubuntu 11.10 (most notably: my download speeds are abysmal, and Unity randomly crashes on me). However, I have a music collection that is entirely in FLAC and takes up a few gigabytes; more than 5. Anyone have any idea of an online place where I can temporarily back up the music to? The reason I'm asking this is because I lost my flash drive and I don't have an external hard drive. :S

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You could make a couple of drop box accounts.(2gig each)

Skydrive(25gb) each.


Those are the two I use right now. There are a bunch more.

Thank you for reminding me of Skydrive. Now I remember why I made a Hotmail account a few years ago.

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If you don't mind paying for such a service the creator of dbPowerAmp has created AudioSafe. I haven't used it so I can't comment on it.


Well the paying part, here's a quote from the site:

backup for free, only pay to restore should the need ever arise
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Try these:


- Humyo

- iDrive

- Comodo Online Storage


I believe you will be happy with one of those.

Google them if you don't know the websites for it.


Let us know what you choose, & how it works for you!


Edit: I'm with Andavari here. Well, kinda. DVD? They only store about 4.7 GB single layer, vs 9 GB dual layer, vs very expensive Blue Ray, or....


Yes, I agree with backing it up locally, but DVD is kinda permanent. Go with DVD like Andavari said, if you want it permanent.

Or, just grab you an 8 GB sandisk USB from your local Walmart. $12 or less, & you can edit/delete/add files as you please.

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