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The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

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I'm using chrome regularly(even though I don't like it) because firefox is so slow. I have done clean installs and even tried it on a fresh windows install.

Chrome does some weird stuff but it has been nice having synched bookmarks between my phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop.


Hmmmm.... I believe FF also has sync... Orange FF button/Setup sync.


Tell me more. What are your PC specs (CPU/GPU/RAM/HDD size) as well as your OS?


Also, what version of FF are you using?

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Thanks Shane.

chrome sync runs constantly Firefox syncs at intervals while Firefox is running only

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anyone know Mozilla's version numbering convention?.

they seem to like to jump to a major release number when a minor increment would do - as far as the normal standard of versioning goes.

went from 16 to a couple of minors .1 & .2, then straight to 17. which would normally indicate a major release - something new.


at this rate they'll be up to version 40 in a few years :mellow:

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anyone know Mozilla's version numbering convention?.


Google discovered that, to the average user; higher version number = better. Mozilla are just copying Chrome's versioning system (and accelerating it) to give the illusion of being a more advanced and progressive browser.


The eventual goal is to eliminate version numbers entirely. Stack Exchange founder Jeff Atwood has an excellent piece titled The Infinite Version. It's well worth a read.

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Palemoon at 15.4 today


This is a bugfix update that addresses a number of security, stability and performance issues:


15.4 (2013-01-16)

Several security and stability issues have been fixed in this update:

  • Deal with bogus Turktrust certs MFSA 2013-20
  • Several memory security hazards fixed MFSA 2013-01
  • Updated OTS library to r95 to fix potential font-related exploits
  • Security fix for libpixman stack buffer overflow
  • Fix for certain types of input lag on Twitter/Facebook & other sites with unnecessary DOM invalidations
  • Fix for HTTP pipelining re-use (improve pipelining logic)
  • Performance&stability updates to cairo and direct2d back-end
  • Improved performance for repeat gradients

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could have sworn there was a thread for new FF releases but couldn't find it.


So... new Firefox version 20.0 released, about 3 days ago I think.

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