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How to create/delete (a new) partition on windows 7


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Hi !

I have just bought a new laptop this week. after the installation of "Windows 7 Basique Familiale Edition (French) Pack 1 64bits" by the seller.


I found out that he didn't create an isolated partition from the operating system's partition. when I open My Computer, I found 4 partitions:

© : operating system

(D) : Recovery


(Q) : Empty. 1 : (when I double click it a message pops up "Q:\is not accessible access denied*.) 2 : (I tried to format it by right click but another message pops up "you do not have permission to perform this operation*") 3 : (I also tried to find it in "Disk Management*" but it doesn't exist.



I need to create a new partition; therefore, I went to "Disk Management*", chose the ©Drive which has the largest size, right click=>Reduce the volume*=>then I specified a quantity and created a new partition which appears only in "Disk Management*". I tried to make it appear in My Computer through right click=>New Simple Volume*...but it didn't work.

Now, what is the most important to me is to create a new partition without formatting. thanks in advance.


*(translated by google from French)

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