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What features does Recuva have?


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I had a big crash because of 2 bad programs and i thought Recuva will help.

But when I started to work with the program I got shock after shock.


1. I started the normal scan and got 57 files on an extern drive whereon the files are deleted.

This files mostly were EULA-texts and not interesting for me.


2. Then I started the feature deep scanning and after a short time there were shown that t needs about 10 hours to reed. After about 5 hours I clicked on the cancel button and there where shown that more than 375000 files are identified ( more than 125000 of this are ignored ).

Now I don´t know whether there are shown all files or only the files which were found until I stopped.

I suppose that it were only about half of total.

But when I let the program run until the end I don´t find a feature to show me all this files.


3. I don´t find features like "Go to start" or "Go to end ( ALT+END )" or "mark all files" ( for reviving ), "mark no file", "mark this page".


In this case I have to find out what files are to mark and in worsest case I have to click on 750000 files.

This is not realistically and not practicable.


Please, can you show me other ways?


Kindest regards



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