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Epic Inventor (game)


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Found this game a few days ago and it looks quite brilliant. Still working out some kinks in the Linux version, but Windows and Mac users should be able to play this game perfectly. Here's a quick summary:


"In Epic Inventor, you are a tinkerer who has become stranded on a strange world. Unsure of how you got here, you must now do what you can to survive!



  • Explore - Explore a vast world, but beware as the danger increases the further you go!
  • Gather - Gather materials, and refine them for use in crafting Weapons, Armor, and Placeable objects! Auto-Crossbow Turret anyone?
  • Build - Create placeable objects like the Auto-Crossbow Turret and Steam Engines (to power other objects). Assemble Robot attachments to customize and improve your Robot!
  • Advance - Mold your character the way you want to play. Learn skills to focus on combat or development, or perhaps both!
  • Fight - Defend yourself and your towns while simultaneously fighting to explore the world. But don't worry, you have a Robot companion who will help you!
  • Cooperate- Co-op multiplayer support will allow you and your friends to work together!"

It's basically a mix of Terraria, Minecraft and Age of Empires, which are all amazing games. And the best part about Epic Inventors is that it is completely free, unlike the aforementioned games, and the devs of Epic Inventor have said that the game will always remain free.


I'm currently talking with the devs on the forums about fixing a little problem I've been having running the game on Ubuntu, but I can't wait to play this once I get the bugs fixed.


Link: http://epicinventor.com/

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I'll check this out, thanks :)

Lemme know how things go. :P One of the monsters in the game is a lionfly. I mean how much more awesome can it get besides a lionfly? And the latest beta update made it easier to find a hard to find boss named Melvin.

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