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Piriform wizard flashes on screen, does not stop


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I downloaded and installed Recuva on Dell Latitude E6500 with Win XP sp3.

I clicked the Recuva Icon, the program started???? and what must be the Wizard screen flashed on the screen, and kept going.

I redownloaded and reinstalled Recuva, same results. Tried with and w/o AVG virus and ZoneLab running.


What am I missing??????????


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thank you


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Hi Frank, and welcome to the forum.


What do you mean exactly by "kept going"? Difficult to picture what happens without seeing it.


Does it not stay still long enough for you to uncheck the "Do not show wizard ar startup button"?


If you haven't selected the "Save settings to INI file" in Recuva's options you could maybe go to Recuva's registry settings and deselect the option making the wizard start when the program's opened ...


"Start\Run\enter "regedit" (without quotes)\select OK" and navigate to ...


"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform\Recuva\Show Wizard"




Double click the "Show Wizard" entry and set it to 0 in the box that appears and OK it.


I'm not sure at the moment of a better solution except to switch that setting off, and it may then work as it should, or you could then reinstall without that weird behaviour repeating itself.


Hope that helps but post back of course if it doesn't.

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