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Winapp2.ini on skates - making it 40 times faster.


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I've bee doing this for quite some time.... uh oh.. :wacko:

For me the scary bit is that our old cat was doing the same thing earlier this year.

My wife loved the old cat but when it walked in circles to wobble into the kitchen and then forgot why it was there,

she decided its quality of life had diminished and did the "kind thing" :o

I try to walk without wobbling, and if I cannot remember what I needed from the kitchen I pick up the first object I see :rolleyes:

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Two nights ago I made a decision whilst knowing I would hate myself in the morning.

I did not realize how deep the hate would be.

For the rest of my life I will be haunted by the memory of what happened when I enabled

User Access Crippling.


I tested Trim_6.Bat and found that it functioned and produced identical output as Trim_5.bat with Sanity in control - Crippling Disabled


I also found that with Crippling enabled Trim_6 would correctly anticipate UAC aggro and recommend and employ "Run as Administrator",

and the output file was identical to that produced when Crippling was disabled.


Thanks for the feedback that enabled me to identify and fix this problem.



U.A.Crippling hurts the User, but only hinders malware.

I observed that Crippling prevented (without any warning or indication) the operation of DigiGuide, (T.V. program listings),

BUT after I put the system into "Sleep" whilst I had a meal, upon start-up two DigiGuide Windows appeared.

These windows had boundary borders and titles, but absolutely no content - Crippling had PAUSED Digiguide, but allowed it to progress on reboot.

This tells me that User Crippling is very slow to wake up and re-assert control over any situation that it previously hindered.

What Digiguide can do is more than possible for Malware.


Had I incorrectly responded to a malware pop-up the Crippling would only hinder the malware,

and would give me no warning or indication of what had just come into my world,

BUT on the next Reboot any malware will make further progress towards taking over my World.



"Run as Administrator" has a stupendously stupid and dangerous implementation.

Without any warning it dragged my script out of the safe world of


and left it executing any dangerous sort of DEL *.*, RD *.* whilst operating within


How crazy is that :rolleyes:


I am pleased to report normality now Crippling is disabled again.


If you copy the attached Trim_6.txt and save it as Trim_6.bat, it should work under User Access Crippling.


Any feedback appreciated.





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  • Moderators

Less skilled with computers note: It is neither the opinion of this site nor the majority of it's members/staff that you should turn off UAC in windows. Alan_B's experiences are unique to him and he has multiple decades (I believe) of computer experience and deems himself above a tactic for sytem protection used by all major Modern Operating Personal computing systems, Windows, MacOS and most (if not all) Linux Flavors; The Latter two even make one type a passcode in before being able to act upon system protected area. {END Moderator Note}


{Moderator wonders though if alan also 777's all of his linux folders}




Do your Registry Cleaning in small bits (at the very least Check-mark by Check-mark)


CCLEANER, RECUVA, DEFRAGGLER AND SPECCY DOCUMENTATION CAN BE FOUND AT  https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us and  https://www.ccleaner.com/docs

Pro users file a PRIORITY SUPPORT request at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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Until last year I only had XP or earlier, so UAC was never an option, and I never suffered by its lack.


I would have loved the option to use Linux some years ago,

but there did not seem to be the same sort of applications ready to run.

I fear it is now a bit too late for me to jump ship.


I will concur that for most people it is better to use all the protection you can get, even including U.A.C.

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Alan...I ran Trim_6 on a UAC system and basically I don't like it. Here's a screenshot:



That is the second "hold" just before CCLeaner launches. To me, the text is all clustered together when you are prompted to EXIT or CONTINUE. To be honest, I didn't even see it util I looked at the screenshot and I had hit ENTER instead of C. I also did not like the final output screen (mine failed BTW) but formatting the columns may improve it.



Maybe some clarification on the prompts, hiding ECHO, and adding some spacing so Continue or Exit is clearer to see. Also, how about setting Column width?

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Many thanks for the feedback.


I like the idea of "mode con: cols=100 lines=50"


SUGGESTION to Simulate UAC :-

Change "MD" to "RD" in this line

MD !UAC! 2>NUL & RD !UAC! 2>NUL || (

to yield

RD !UAC! 2>NUL & RD !UAC! 2>NUL || (

That will make the code think UAC has interfered and will give the chance to exit and retry - or otherwise.


N.B. I only look for any response that commences with either upper or lower case E.

When given the choice of two letters 'E' or 'C' a user may not know what the results will be,

and when a strong hint is given, such as E(xit) or C(ontinue) some users may think they have to type all 6 characters in E(xit).

I therefore accept anything starting with 'E' or 'e'.

I think I will change the prompt to

E(xit for a Retry) or hit Enter to proceed


The ECHO was hidden originally,

but I made a last minute to prevent the subsequent command PAUSE following with "Press any Key to Continue",

which rather contradicted my "E(xit for a Retry)"

I will rework that, and also the strange ^) - originally the ^ was essential to prevent a crash of surrounding conditional brackets.


I will probably get back this afternoon.

This morning I have to drive the wife to where she can drive a shopping trolley.

I am thankful it is not the other way round :)




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The "Trim_6" batch file works on my system flawless (Windows 7 x64 with UAC enabled). Thank you for the new version. The "mode" change is a good suggestion, the output looks much clearer.


And I am very sorry that I am responsible for your evil UAC experience. :(

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And I am very sorry that I am responsible for your evil UAC experience. :(

That is O.K.

I am pleased to have feedback to overcome any user problems - even those that are self-inflicted by UAC :P


I have reduced the width of displayed text and the suggested MODE width,

and increased the depth to allow several attempts at hitting Enter before realizing the need for C(ontinue) :)


The Trimmed output remains the same as before with the old download,

and no problems observed with the latest download ; Version: v1.0.120113 with ; # of entries: 701


Nice to see the trailing spaces have gone.


Trim_7.txt attached and ready to be renamed and used as Trim7.bat






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Couple of suggestions Alan.


1st - I made thte change in the script to simulate UAC on. I don't feel that E or C is clear on what the user should press. This is my line which I changed

(E)xit and retry As Administrator or alternatively (C)ontinue and hope




That line can be made clearer if it displayes this:

UAC GRIEF probable. To avoid try "Right Click" then "Run As Administrator".
(E)xit and retry As Administrator or alternatively (C)ontinue and hope ! (E or C)


2nd - The rows go over my screen on my Netbook. I tried changing rows to 47 but it scrolls a row or so and removes the very top info.




Above tests were performed on an x86 system. Will try later on x64.

No Administrators were harmed during the test.

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Couple of suggestions Alan.


1st - I made thte change in the script to simulate UAC on. I don't feel that E or C is clear on what the user should press. This is my line which I changed

(E)xit and retry As Administrator or alternatively (C)ontinue and hope


That line can be made clearer if it displayes this:

UAC GRIEF probable. To avoid try "Right Click" then "Run As Administrator".
(E)xit and retry As Administrator or alternatively (C)ontinue and hope ! (E or C)

I like that and will implement it on next release.


I also like your colours.

In fact those were the same colours I used in the good old days using Ansi.sys under Command.com, and which I miss under CMD.EXE

These are my "Goto Guys" for all CMD.EXE features and difficulties :-





http://www.dostips.c...ets.WindowColor I can do that :D


2nd - The rows go over my screen on my Netbook. I tried changing rows to 47 but it scrolls a row or so and removes the very top info.

I think rows to 45 would have been O.K. :-

had you not simulated UAC, and then proceeded to complete the operation ;

OR had the UAC prompt been genuine and then UAC struck the output would have been shorter and concluded with

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]	   About to launch CCleaner.
 YOU  MUST  NOT  "Run Cleaner"  -  ONLY  Click "Analyze"
 Then please CLOSE CCleaner so script may continue.
Hit "Enter" key when ready to proceed ...

20:03:35.21 - 20:03:19.15  = 16060 mSec		 = Running "CCLEANER64.EXE
 F A I L U R E   to detect any applicable WinApp2 [Applications *]
 -  Probably due to U.A.C. blocking CCLEANER64.EXE /DEBUG
Suggest trying Tr6 using "Right Click" then "Run As Administrator"
Hit any key to close this window, then retry via "Run As Administrator"[/font]

A more complete simulation requires the change of one more line from

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]MORE CCLEANER*.LOG | FIND "*" | FIND /V /I "OnRuleStarted" > #_NEEDED.LST || ([/font]


[font=courier new,courier,monospace]MORE CCLEANER*.LOG | FIND "**" | FIND /V /I "OnRuleStarted" > #_NEEDED.LST || ([/font]


However I would prefer to get the script right for any scenario which does not let me wriggle out with an excuse :)


When I launch a simple "Command Prompt" and right click the top left corner and select properties, I see the defaults I established years ago :-

Buffer Width 250

Buffer Height 1500 - sometimes even that is not enough :rolleyes:

Window Width 100

Window Height 79


On my desktop I can see all I need, and still have space on the side to see parts of other windows,

and if the CMD.EXE output is too large for the window I have scroll bars that show me any portion of 250 by 1500.


I do not know the "normal defaults" for a new installation ( but I am sure they are different on Laptops )

and Google does not know either, unless I trawl through

About 6,020,000 results in (0.24 seconds)

Actually, Google might capture them that quick, but it could take the rest of my life to find the relevant one :wacko:


Regrettably I find by testing that Mode Con cripples the Buffer to the same dimensions as the Window,

and there are no scroll bars to show anything outside the size of the Window.

All I can see in my "Goto Guy" Snippets is


and that fails to show anything other than Mode con, with no suggestions on a different buffer size.

Unless you have any other suggestion, I will be starting a new topic tomorrow at



For now I will focus on reducing the width of the output to 81 characters,

which allows me to see exactly the same screen as you first posted,

and also try to cut down the height.

That should allow me to abandon Mode Con and then your Laptop be able to scroll around a default and larger buffer.


Although I do intend to make these changes in the near future,

I do not want to run out of version numbers on cosmetics before a "vital enhancement" of error detection.


The "vital enhancement" is to the reporting of "Volatile Detections" as described in my post #36, starting with :-

The Trim_? script accommodates various anomalies in WinApp2.ini.

Unfortunately Volatile Detections may fail to be detected.


I am currently developing code to report "Volatile Detections" caused by some of the WinApp2.ini additions that use "RemoveSelf"

But as Deep Thought said in the HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy

"I'll have to think about it."



The "vital enhancement" and cosmetics should hopefully be done this week.



No Administrators were harmed during the test.

That I love - keep them coming :lol:




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The effects of "mode con:" last longer than needed.


If you have not yet used the latest script then please consider whether to edit or delete the second line.

It does no particular harm but if you dislike the change to the display of this script ,

you will not only need to delete the line but also make a once off change to the properties of the display when the script next runs.


This is the line which puts a permanent crimp on the buffers so that you cannot scroll to see outside the current window.

mode con: cols=90 lines=60 & REM CLS


This is an improvement for the second line to widen the display but NOT affect vertical scrolling :-

mode con: cols=90

The beauty of that is the height is not affected,

therefore the laptop can use its default height for the display window,

and ALSO retain the default height for the buffer size so that vertical scroll can show what disappeared off the top of the display (up to perhaps 300 lines)


Regrettably, for those who have adjusted the code to "lines=47",

Windows will remember that for this script (it also remembers the same default when I rename the script)

hence that will still be the default even when "lines=47" is omitted.


Fortunately the "addiction" can be cured.

Just launch the script and when it pauses for your keyboard response,

then FIRST right click the tiny back icon in the top left corner of the "DOS" Window and select Properties,

then click the Tab Layout and you can increase the Screen Buffer Size to what you need.

Click O.K. and you have set your new default.

If you like you can also click the Tab Colors and choose what you like

perhaps based upon readability, or perhaps to match the colour of one's shoes :D


If required, an alternative second line to give yellow text on blue background is
COLOR 1E & mode con: cols=90


My current inclination is to refrain from asserting Windows boundaries unless it can be done without changing buffer sizes,

and shrink the output to fit into an installation default width (which I guess is 81 chars)

and try to reduce the height of the display.




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New version Trim_8 released.


This uses 80 columns by 38 lines when run.

The "Mode Con:" fix on line 2 should no longer be needed, so I have disabled with a preceding "REM".


Trim_8 enhancements :-


It now removes the trailing spaces that it previously merely identified.



It now warns if "REMOVESELF" targets result in Volatile Detections.

In theory it is simple to shorten the path to the detection file/key so it is not part of the deletion target;

In practice the simplest of changes cause the most subtle and evasive and time consuming problems,

so I will leave the fixing to those who can test the consequences themselves.

N.B. Detection MAY be enhanced by use of a totally different detection file/key,

instead of the "simplest" cure of a shortened path.


Neither feature gives immediate benefit to the average user because :-

Winapp2.ini Version: v1.0.120113 no longer has trailing spaces ;

You are only warned about "REMOVESELF" etc problems, but at least you will know what to fix if you want to.


Both features should be useful for validating any new submission to WinApp2.ini.


Just rename the attached Trim_8.txt to Trim_8.bat and use as before





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Working fine on my W7 x86. I see where it removed the trailing spaces :thumbs:


I just put a system together that does not have ccleaner on it and will try on that.


Will test other x86/64 later tonight.

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Is it possible to include an option to exclude not needed entries? I think a user generated file (with "Notepad", labeled "exlude.txt") in the folder of "trim_x.bat" should be a possible way.


Here an example for "exclude.txt":

[Remote Desktop Connection More*]
[Windows 7 MUICache*]
[Windows 7 ShellBags*]


I hope it is understandable what I mean. I just want to copy the names of the not needed entries to the file "exclude.txt" and then "trim_x.bat" doesn't copy them to the trimmed "winapp2.ini". So the new "winapp2.ini" gets even smaller. What do you think about it?

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Yes, I understand and will deliver,

but I will wait a couple of days before updating to the next release to see if there are any further desirable features to add - or undesirable features to neutralize.




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