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CCleaner killed my computer

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Just to add to the guys above, have you had a look at the "Event Viewer" to see if anything relevant was flagged at the time this issue started.


You can find and launch Event Viewer by opening the Control Panel, accessing the System and Security category, selecting the Administrative Tools item, and double-clicking the Event Viewer icon. However, you can also simply click the Start button, type Event in the Start Search box, and press Enter once Event Viewer appears and the top of the results display.




Did you install any Windows Updates or any new programs at that time?

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How big a deal would it be to fix it with a Windows reinstall?


Do you have programs you couldn't easily replace, as all your personal data could be backed up assuming you have other storage options.


Is it a business or your home computer?


I'm thinking that if you had to reinstall as a last resort, we could then steer you in the direction of making an "Image" backup of your System and/or other drives.


We could help and advise you how to be prepared for any future serious issues, which will enable you to easily recover from them.


Just thinking out loud really.

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In that case see if you can wheedle out any possible suspects in way of patches/software updates/software installs etc, and first have a look at the other guys suggestions above.


And of course the Event Viewer at the time the problem started.


Just as a future option, you may like to check with the vendors of any commercial software you have about re-installing and activating. This should really be no problem.


And of course, with some exceptions, there is usually free software available to rival or even out perform their commercial equivalents, and the guys on here would be happy to point you towards the best available.


Just something for you to think about really.


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