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CCleaner's new Startup listing IE Addons?


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What's with CCleaner now lising IE Addons in Tools/Startup??? That should be for applications that run at computer Startup, period. I don't get why you decided to list IE "Extensions and Helpers" in the Startup list, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Going back to 3.12.1572 until you come to your senses.


Sometimes newer is not better. -kd5-

Time is the fire in which we burn. (Soran)

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What I saw were IE Addons (IE Extensions/IE Helpers). I actually would not have a problem with a new category listing IE Addons but to lump them in with the Startup list is just plain silly. Went back to 3.12.1572 on my computer, my wife's computer, and will stick with that version on customer's computers until either a new/separate category is created in CCleaner to list IE Addons, or at the very least they're removed from the Startup listing. -kd5-

Time is the fire in which we burn. (Soran)

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Allot of people are wondering why it's located in Startup, me included. Hopefully they listen and put it somewhere logical.


Two references they list with no path but which are installed by either Windows or Internet Explorer should probably be whitelisted and not shown at all, or at the very least allow us the open to hide them without removing them as seen in this screenshot:


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I agree that the current way of doing it is very confusing. I have long thought it would be better to have a startup center separated into 3 sections:


- BHO (Browser Helper Objects)

- Tasks (Scheduled Tasks)

- Startup (All Users startup)



The reason for this, is all 3 of these areas are commonly used by malware/viruses/regular programs to automatically load at startup.

The current way of only blocking 1/3 of the startup locations means CCleaner is only doing 33% of it's job.


But putting BHO directly into startup does nothing to indicate it is only an IE helper object, which makes users think it is an ordinary startup item.

Separating the startup into the 3 types of startup seems to be a very good solution, & then people will be able to easily see what goes where.



BHO objects load at startup, Scheduled Tasks load at startup, & Startup items load at startup. There are 3 & only 3 startup items to my knowledge. But it has always been like this. I applaud CCleaner developers for coming to the scene by attempting to allow users to delete (finally) an additional startup item, but it will never be complete until scheduled tasks is also added as well.


For this cause, the startup section does need to be clearly defined as labeled above to keep from confusing the users.

And by putting all 3 of these into CCleaner, we can finally have a CCleaner that stops ALL startup items.



There have been a number of startup items that load as a scheduled tasks, so I initially thought that a startup item remover would take care of it all. After messing with computers a while, I did discover how wrong I was!


Only by covering BHO/Scheduled Tasks/Startup all 3 areas, are you able to truly manage your startup items.

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