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Mint 12


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Here now with Mint 12 ... whoops Here now with Mint 12, and not impressed, or unimpressed if you grab my meaning.


I like it apart from the fact that I don't want a top tool bar, and unlike some other distro's, I can't find a way to get rid of it.


I can usually delete the bottom bar and then move the top one to the bottom but unless I've missed something I'm stuck with the top one.


I always feel like I'm gonna get a crick in my neck with a top menu bar, and apart from that it steals space from your browser.


If anyone finds a way to get rid of it, please let me know.


Running it from a 1gb flash drive.

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Not running it at the moment but I found this but cannot remember if it offers the ability to disable the top one. Does it?


From the menu, launch the "Advanced Settings" tool

Select "Shell Extensions"

Find "Bottom Panel Extension" and disable it


I don't think it's my favourite ever distro but it's nice to try them out.


Usability prize for me goes to Puppy, speed prize goes to Slitaz


One I enjoyed the most prize goes to PCLinuxOS


Support contact




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Nice one hazel.


I checked through every likely location for an option, and I did see the "Shell Extension" menu and passed it by as I didn't associate the top or bottom tool bars as shell extensions.


They're usually, I believe, called panels in other distros.


Thanks for that. :)

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