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USB not working in PC


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My PC Crashed with BSOD when i was using my USB Internet. After the resart my PC, non of the USB devices are detecting like CD/DVD, USB Internet etc. What went wrong. In device Manager the two devices(CD Drive and USB Internet modem) is shown under CD Drive and with a Yellow exlamation(!) mark. I uninstalled the driver but no luck. Can anybody help me. Do i need to Reinstall OS or any fix is available.


Thank you

Liju C


Liju Cherian

Dell Studio 1737| 3.2 GHz

Windows 7 32 Bit | 4 GB RAM | 500 GB WD HDD | ATI Radeon 3600.


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What version of Windows and Service Pack ?


What hardware :-

32 bit or 64 bit,

Laptop or Desktop

External USB HUB , and powered or not ?


Is your CD/DVD and external device connected via USB ?


Any recent thunderstorms - could a lightening strike via the telephone line have damaged both the modem and the USB system ?

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Liju, performing a windows system restore to a day or two earlier may fix this. Also, consider networking your internet modem to your PC, either by using a hard-wiire (cat5 rj-45 cable) or by purchasing an inexpensive wireless router. USB internet connections are fragile and often break. Good luck.

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You could always give the Microsoft fix-it center a try. It fixes quite a few things including cd/dvd drives etc not being seen. :)



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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Liju, I second legacydude's suggestion to try a system restore (with all USB devices unplugged till after the restore is complete).


In Windows 7, & I believe Vista also, you just go to the start/fun & type in rstrui & hit enter to bring System Restore up. If XP, type in restore/rstrui.

After the restore, verify if the devices work or not. If this still does not fix the problem, right-click My Computer icon on the start menu & select properties.

Under Device Manager, select Universal Serial Bus controllers, & right-click each one/uninstall. Works best if you either use PS2 style mouse for this, or if not, save the USB mouse for last to remove.


Afterwards, should be able to hit your power button once to cause the computer to automatically start the shutdown sequence. Then, when you power back on, Windows should automatically be able to identify & re-install your USB devices. Works better if you leave all USB external flash/dvd/etc disconnected till all the USB connections are restored.


Other things you may want to do, since there is a reason you had a BSOD.

If your using 98/ME, they do not always run things in separate memory spaces, causing crosslinked files/BSOD's. Upgrade suggested, whether with Windows, or something free like Ubuntu.


If your using Windows 2000, XP is generally better for hardware support/compatibility/stability, etc.

If using Vista/7, could be some incompatible driver that needs an update.


Other things that may cause a BSOD.


- Heat -> Blow the dust out of your computer while it is powered off & disconnected

- Malware -> If you feel you have malware & are uncertain how to remove it, contact a malware moderator up here for assistance

- Drivers -> Old/incompatible drivers or hardware. Update the drivers or hardware.

- Disk Space -> Very low disk space can crash Windows. Make more room on your drive by running CCleaner, removing old restore points, whatever, if your low on disk space.


Let us know if anything helps.



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Hey thanx for the reply guys..... but the issue is different, yesterday i checked the USB driver registry key and it is corrupted and i am not able to delete or modify the same. Is there any way to edit/fix the registry errors.


I tried with System Restore but no luck it got terminated with errors.


and now I am able to connect external storage devices after uninstalling the USB Mass storage device from Device Manager. but not the USB modem/CD Drive.


Actually BSOD comes only when i was using the USB Internet device... i think because for last two days BSOD didn't thrown. PC was working 24/7 for 2 days.


PC Configurations:

Windows 7 32bit.

Dell Laptop

No USB Hub, directly connected to PC.


Liju Cherian

Dell Studio 1737| 3.2 GHz

Windows 7 32 Bit | 4 GB RAM | 500 GB WD HDD | ATI Radeon 3600.


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You might want to check your USB modem.


Do you have it protected from power spikes? If not, surges do travel through phone lines, & it is possible it got partially fried. If this happened, then Windows will run slowly/BSOD/crash, whatever when you plug the device in.


It would also cause other devices you connect via USB to time out until the partly fried device is removed. This may or may not be your problem.


Check your modem on another machine, & if it still crashes, you know that is the problem. Replace the modem.

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