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Currently creating an HTML 5 website and require some assistance

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As you guys have probably seen, my current website is from Weebly.com, where you make websites extremely easily using just drag and drop. I decided to go for a challenge, and really make my own website by doing the nitty-gritty and typing up all of the html and css and whatnot. I also decided to create it in HTML5, which is the future. Anyways, so far I have the bone structure done, and now I just have to make everything more visually appealing, but I'm wondering if its possible to host my website for free, just so I can try it out. I have a domain already, and if I could find a free website hoster I'd be set. If anyone has any idea how I can go about doing this, that would be great, as I'm completely new to the website hosting world.

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I don't know of any free ones but you can get hosting for like $5 a month from godaddy. Not a huge investment if you decide to scrap it.

I have an idea for a website I want to create and I have been looking at using them.

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