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Add ability to add and edit startup programs

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The current version of ccleaner allows one to enable/disable and delete startup programs.


a). Ccleaner doesn't allow one to edit a startup program to correct a directory path that changed.



B).Ccleaner doesn't allow one to add a startup program with directory path and program specified by the user.


c). CCleaner doesn't show startup programs where the key and the program name are blank or null. I had to use

other programs that showed me this so that I could delete these bogus startup programs that I didn't know were



See this tool which does what I need, but where this functionality should be part of ccleaners startup tool.



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Two problems :-


1. http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml is not portable, needs manual uninstallation, and advises against removing its registry keys after removal ;


2. AutoRuns from SysInternals has many more Tabs,

and I guess it covers a larger range of sneaky ways that Microsoft have provided for Malware to run.

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Autoruns is my go to for this subject. However it has been previously suggested to allow ccleaner to add entries. While I disagree that this should be added (ccleaner is about removal not addition) the Developers do take into consideration all viable suggestions.


Honestly because startup items can be added just by dragging and dropping a shortcut into the startup folder, I find the idea of a program adding them unpalatablele.

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I've wanted the ability to add in programs myself. It could come in handy if for instance someone accidentally deletes something via CCleaner, then they could add it back in.


That brings up another question and feature request, since CCleaner can delete startups, why does it not offer to make a .reg backup of the startups to very easily undo the changes?

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