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Visual studio clean up

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Hi, I'm new to these forums, so i hope i'm doing it right,


I am a big user of visual studio, and if more of you are out there you might know about its dreadful tendency to leave tons of small files all over your harddrive (depending on what kinds of projects you do).

I recently found this explanation on how to find all these files and remove them, it seems rather simple except that in batch it's a lot to do, So i thought, would be awesome if it could be added to CCleaner's cleaning rules, that way i wouldn't have to deal with it all seperate.


The 'tutorial' i found with the examples can be found here: http://weblogs.asp.net/psheriff/archive/2011/11/08/clean-up-after-visual-studio.aspx


I hope you take it in consideration, it would surely be a nice feat for companies that have programmers hired, and ofcourse people like me that just like a clean programming rig.

If you need someone to volunteer in beta testing said rules i'd be happy to oblige too, in case you'd need someone for that.

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How about these (add them to a file called winapp2.ini in your CCleaner folder)


[Visual Studio Website Cache*]

[Visual Studio Backup*]
DetectFile1=%Documents%\Visual Studio 2005
DetectFile2=%Documents%\Visual Studio 2008
FileKey1=%Documents%\Visual Studio 2005|*.*
FileKey2=%Documents%\Visual Studio 2008|*.*

[Visual Studio Assembly Cache*]
DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Visual Studio\*\ProjectAssemblies
FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Visual Studio\*\ProjectAssemblies|*.*

FileKey1=%WinDir%\Microsoft.net\Framework\*\Temporary ASP.NET Files|*.*|RECURSE
FileKey2=%WinDir%\Microsoft.net\Framework64\*\Temporary ASP.NET Files|*.*|RECURSE

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It seems to work! Though the actual amount of tempfiles was scarce, since i already had deleted most previously.


Also, that winapp2.ini you're hosting is amazing, so much extra stuff to clean, thanks! Gonna use it as part of my standard app suite in every fresh windows install from now on.

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