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Incorrectly deleting search history in Firefox 8.0

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In CCleaner, I have the following options ticked:

Internet Cache

Internet History


Download History


Saved Form Information


and these options unticked:

Site Preferences

Saved Passwords

Compact Databases


In Firefox, I have "remember search and form history" ticked.


CCleaner correctly deletes my form history, but also deletes my search history. Could this be corrected in a future version of CCleaner, so that only the form history is cleared when "Saved Form Information" is selected?


Edit: I'm running WinXP-Home-SP3 and V3.12.1572 of CCleaner.

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That's not how I understand the definition, but I'm probably wrong. My understanding is that "form history" is forms on web pages and "search history" is from the search terms entered in the FireFox search box.


FireFox uses the expression "remember search and form history" as if search history and form history are two different things that happen to have the same option at the moment.


It seems that the problem might be a limitation of FireFox, rather than CCleaner.







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