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speccy using too much cpu

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I'm trying out speccy under windows 7 home premium 64bit, with 8g ram, and an i5 650 3.2ghz cpu. (2 cores, 4 threads)


with the system 'doing nothing' , and taskinfo reporting 70% system idle, I start speccy, and the system idle quickly drops to under 40% (typicallty 32-38), and stays there while I just watch.


taskinfo (9.2) reports speccy itself using low cpu, 3-4%, but 'system' and 'WMI provider host' are suddenly using close to 30% cpu between them.


stopping speccy immediately drops the system idle back to the 70% range.


little else that I do can make the cpu that busy. running 2 scans, Microsoft security essentials, and secunia psi , concurrently, the system idle ranges between 25 and 35%.


so I don't plan to leave speccy running so I can check temps whenever I wish, but only if really needed, and then for a short time.


trying another 'system analysis' program, auslogics, I find the cpu still 70% idle after it gets started up.


any comments ?

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