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CCleaner - multiple cleaning profiles

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Hi all


I have set my cleaning choices using the checkboxes and CCleaner cleans my chosen areas - great.


Sometimes I just want to clean the temp folder, or browser cache but can't be bothered unchecking, cleaning and then re-checking all those checkboxes.


Would it be possible to save multiple checkbox choices as "profiles"?


For example, I could have a "Default" profile and a "Temp Folder" profile.


The checkbox choices would be different in each profile and I can select any profile from my list. Once I select a profile - CCleaner sets up the checkboxes as per the saved profile.


If this has been suggested before - apologies. If not - cool.



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It's never been suggested before, or at least I don't remember it. It's a very interesting concept to have cleaning profiles. :)

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I have CCleaner configured to save settings to INI.

(I use the portable version but the installed version also does this)


I use several Desktop Short-cuts that each invoke the same BAT script, but with different "profile arguments".

The script copy replaces CCleaner.ini with a "template" selected by the profile argument,

and then runs CCleaner.ini.


For each template there is a once-off adjustment of CCleaner to do what is required,

and then CCleaner is closed to save settings to INI,

and then I rename the new INI with a new template name and compose a new Desktop short-cut

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