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Defraggler 2.07.346 drive health status and info.

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I have Windows XP Home and Defraggler v2.07.346. Here are the problems with drive health status

and the type of drive information being posted.


A). Allow one to click on the drive temperature so that it displays in Fahrenheit. If one clicks the temperature

again it changes to Celisus. Thus for every click on the temperature, it switches back and forth between

Fahrenheit/Celisus. I presume if the temperature starts going up, that at a medium temperature the color

changes to "yellow" and when it goes above the safe manufacturers spec, it changes to "red".


B). I have a Western Digital USB My Passport Essential SE which is is USB 2.0 only.

The info on the labels of the case show the following PN#, and SN#. Western Digitals latest

smartware s/w v1.5.1.6 shows the following SN# and Firmware # which was upgraded today using

Western Digitals Firmware Updater v3.1.0.11. It will download from the internet the latest firmware

which upgraded mine from v2.011 to v2.019 (the firmware version downloaded depends on the label on the

back of the case or the PN# ending in "-00" vs. "-01". I also have another USB2.0/3.0 which end in "-01" so

the firmware version upgraded from v1.003 to v1.007).


Here is my drive labels for the USB2.0 only drive:

PN#: WDBABM0010BBK-00, SN#: WX31A70S4014T, revision/release # R/N: B9B


Here is what the WD Smartware software says it is:

SN# WX31A70S4014 (it drops the 'T' although when one registers the drive using this s/w, the return

email from WD shows the missing 'T') This is a bug in the smartware s/w v1.5.1.6

Firmware #: 2.019


Here is what defraggler reports in the current version under health:

SN#:WD-WX31A70S4014 (defraggler drops the 'T' also, Thus increase the character length from 12 to 13

for the info being displayed.)

PN#: WDC WD10TMVV-11BG7S0 (where is Defraggler getting this PN? It doesn't match the one on my drive label)

Firmware #: 01.01A01 (This is wrong. Where is Defraggler getting this firmware #?)


C). A similiar problem on my new My Passport Essential SE USB2.0/3.0 occurs between the Drives label,

the smartware version vs what Defraggler reports.


D). I also have a compaq internal 80Gig Western Digital IDE drive on a V5306US laptop model.

I know the drive is nearing its end-of-life due to the number of sector reallocates. However,

Western Digitals tool called "Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows" states

that it is a "fail" for this drive because of the Smart drive health info being reported. If I look

at the info being reported here is what it shows, for current/worst and threshold. The value is 140

for all of these. Their tools highlights the Current value in red; however, defraggler shows the drive is good.

Moreover, the latest version of WD's smartware tool shows the drive as passing when one runs

their quick diag test. So is the drive out of sectors to rellocate or not? I presume the reason why

the various s/w programs give different results is because it is on the border (but has not crossed it) due

the values equaling the threshold value.


E). Since defraggler shows poweron count and hours as data for informational purposes, can you

also extract and show the sector reallocates values as a threshold in various colors of green/yellow/red

to designate to the user that the drive may be approaching its end-of-life before catastrophe occurs?

I presume you also color code the displayed SMART data to show the user what data may cause the

drive to fail.


F) It would be nice to have defraggler run in the background defragging based on low processor loads

similar to what www.iobit.com s/w called smartdefrag v2.2.x can do? Moreover, they can analyze and

defrag multiple drives simultaneously vs. just one at a time. Defraggler should have this capability too!

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