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WeatherPulse finished!

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I look at Accuweather, Wunderground, Unisys, NOAA, Stormpulse & Intellicast to get a heads-up on the weather. Wristwatch-sized desktop weather gadgets don't compete. I need to actually see where the devastation is coming from, it's path and timing, and which US states' upper atmosphere is to blame for 'feeding' the jetstream so I can send impending Biblical destruction to it. I'm jiggy like that. ;)

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I've liked this weather site for the last year http://www.1clickweather.com/, and if you save the bookmark with your zip code it will always instantly load to your weather page.

Just looked at that and it's brilliant! Nice and minimalist, and gives me all the weather information I need in a snap. Thanks Andavari!


Anyways, if you're using Chrome/Chromium, here's a nice tip to make getting weather with 1 Click Weather even easier:

  1. Go to http://www.1clickweather.com/
  2. Right click on the box in which you put in your zip code/location.
  3. Click Add As Search Engine in the right click menu.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, you can change the name and keyword to whatever you please, but don't change anything in the url box. Try to keep the keyword something simple; for example, I use "weather" as my keyword, so all I need to do is type weather in the OmniBar, then type my zipcode. Shazam, you now have your weather even faster.

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Firefox users can add 1clickweather as a search box item using this add-on:



Still though, it's much easier to:

1. Type in your zip code (U.S. residents only!)

2. Once your local page loads bookmark it, then place the bookmark in your browser bookmarks toolbar. Now when you click that bookmark it instantly loads your local page. That makes the Firefox add-on for it completely obsolete!

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