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CCleaner does not clean history of Google Chrome 15


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I just noticed that CCleaner doesn´t clean the history of Chrome since it has been updated to version 15.0.874.106.

That is the final version of Chrome 15. Not the beta.

When you klick on "new tabs" the recently visited pages are still present.

It would be nice if this problem was solved soon.

Thank You very much!

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This happens to me too..


Google Chrome 15.0.874.106 m (latest final version, no beta)

CCleaner V3.12.1572


It appears to clear the 'history' chrome://history/, but yet when you start typing, the previously visited URL's still appear.

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I was able to reproduce this with the same configuration: Google Chrome 15.0.874.106 m (latest final version, no beta); CCleaner V3.12.1572.


Here's the steps I took to reproduce the problem:


1. Set CCleaner's Chrome Settings (check the boxs) as follows: Internet Cache, Internet History, Cookies, Download History, Session, Saved Form Information.

2. Start Chrome.

3. Clean a session with Chrome's native cleaner (Tool icon, Tools, Clear Browsing Data: Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Clear saved Autofill form data). We leave Cookies unchecked so that CCleaner can manage them.

4. Close Chrome.

5. Start Chrome; access any 10 urls.

6. Close Chrome.

7. Run CCleaner with the clean settings listed in step 1 above.

8. Start chrome.

9. Access new tab. Most Visited URLs show only the two default URLs. It appears Chrome is clean.

10. Access a second new tab. Two default URLs are listed as are the 10 recently visited sites from step 5. Using Chrome's native cleaner, this same process would have wiped the non-default URLs regardless of how many new tabs were opened.


Note: Assumes no changes have been made to default New Tab page and that the Most Visited selection at the bottom of the page is selected.

End of test.


Update: 11/28/2011

In this test process, all URLs are from shortcuts. None are typed URLs. Chrome browser user does not have Administrative rights but has Power Users rights.


Update: 11/30/2011

Chrome's native cleaner (step 3 above), makes changes to two files that CCleaner does not. Both files are in:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\


Archived History

Archived History-journal


It is likely changes to these files are why Chrome can clean the old URLs and CCleaner does not but I'm not technically savvy enough to get into these files to determine why.


Update: 12/01/2011

CCleaner version 3.13.1600; Chrome version 15.0.874.121

Problem still exists in Step 10 of test.

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Honestly it sounds like chrome is improperly exiting (leaving behind processes) can you check you task manager processes tab for any occurances of chome.exe or plugincontainer.exe

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At the risk of being shot down for a "miles off the mark" suggestion, I'll make it anyway.


Chrome recently introduced "typed URL sync", which means the synced URL's will be kept on their servers. You guys haven't got that option activated by default, have you?




If you have, it may have nothing to do with the problem, but you never know. Stuff stored on-line can't be removed by CCleaner.


Thought it worth a mention.

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In my case, Sync is not enabled. I have a fresh copy of Chrome installed. In addition, when Chrome exits, there are no processes relating to Chrome that continue running (Examined with Sysinternals Process Explorer). Great suggestions, however. I had not thought to check those items.

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The developers read all threads, so they may come by and ask for more information

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I don't find that the updated version really fixed the issue so I would not recommend this thread be closed. The steps I outlined in my November 2, 2011 (Post #4 above) still apply. With the new 3.13.1600 version, I'm cleaning all Chrome items except Saved Passwords yet the new tab function continues to display previous urls visited (beyond the two defaults) after Chrome is closed, CCleaner is run and Chrome is restarted.


See updates to my original post (#4) above that may lead the CCleaner developers to a solution.

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I know it's quite late and this post is probably dead but for those of you who still need help,


I just fixed my issue and I wish to share it with you.


Go to settings in chrome, at the very bottom, you will see advanced settings, click that, go right to the bottom and tick off background application service.


Have fun~

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